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Bright, talented employees often disengage and start looking towards the door. That’s a problem!

Lori Bachman and her MentorShift process can help turn less-than-engaged employees into motivated performers. Check out this quick video to learn how.

The MentorShift Group is Lori Bachman’s creation. Lori’s experience ranges from senior executive coaching to building high impact product teams, with clients across the nation.

Lori’s passion is mentoring and for good reason. During both her corporate career as an aerospace finance executive and as a business owner herself, she has seen companies flounder in mentoring programs that often have a short shelf life, fall to the wayside as “last year’s initiative,” and then the same formerly involved individuals give up and walk away because mentoring seems too hard or awkward. Those employees don’t just walk away from a mentoring program; they often head straight for the door.

With Lori's mentoring system, you can turn less than engaged employees into motivated performers!

"When you want to give up, remember why you started."

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We Offer

Robust, unparalleled content, tools and confidence builders to you and your team.

Your Mentoring Program

A successful and impactful mentoring program for your organization does not just happen. Our process-approach to mentoring offers clarity and direction to all involved and produces engaged employees and bottom line results.

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Executive Coaching

The MentorShift group offers executive coaching solutions to program managers, mentors and mentees to address the needs of your organization at every level.

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Developing Mentors

A well developed and focused mentor can impact others exponentially within your team. We can help combine mentors' expertise with a mentoring process know-how for improved knowledge sharing and leadership development.

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Catch the buzz in the Media Room


Catch the buzz in the Media Room


Catch the buzz in the Media Room


Catch the buzz in the Media Room

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Most Requested Keynote Topics

Lori’s keynotes cover a broad sphere on the topics of mentoring, employee engagement and leadership development. You can choose one that most suits the needs of your organization and she will customize it for the most impact to you and your team.

What Makes a Dynamic Mentoring Relationship? Five Powerful Proficiencies Mentors and Mentees Need

What is the difference between an average mentor or mentee and a great one? The difference is the individual who ...
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“Are You My Mentor?” — Finding the Right Mentor for You

In her book, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, characterizes the search for a mentor to that of the ...
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Dozing During your Mentoring Meeting? Wake up to the Power of “WITH” Mentoring

Have you ever shifted uncomfortably in your chair during your mentoring meeting as you wondered what to talk about next? ...
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The Power of Mentoring to Create Diversity and Inclusion

“Glass ceilings” and invisible barriers still exist in many organizations. How can that be changed? Simply put, diversity training is ...
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For Women — Pay it Forward, Move Her Upward

Anytime women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing.” — PhylliciaRashad Encouraging women to find and be ...
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The “Mentor-Sponsor-Coach” — Should There Be Such a Person?

A frequent question in our workshops is “What’s the difference between a mentor and a coach, or even a sponsor ...
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If you knew you could make an impact on one person in a meaningful way.. that would certainly be fulfilling. But if you empowered that person to turn around and do the same for another person, and they in turn to another, would you consider that a success? Would you feel you had left a personal legacy?