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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Dynamic Mentoring Culture Within Your Team, Department, or Organization.
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Why “MentorShift at Work?”


    • Mentor – have you poured the fuel of your life and knowledge into a willing mentee?
    • Mentee – has your career and life skyrocketed from the power of an influential mentor?
    • Organizations – Are you effectively investing your resources into a mentoring mission that will work for now and into the future?


    Have you defaulted to the “Yakking, Tracking, Get Sent Packing” model of transferring knowledge?

          • Mentor and mentee meet occasionally and yak (sometimes awkwardly)
          • Organizations track the mentor/mentee relationships as a metrics success (which it might not be)
          • Mentee gets sent packing with the hope of next month’s meeting (which might not happen)

      If this is your experience – IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!


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      In MentorShift at Work, Lori Bachman, a former executive with Lockheed Martin Corporation and current CEO of the MentorShift Group, takes her successful, culture-stirring techniques from her widely successful book, MentorShift, and creates an even deeper dive for both mentor and mentee to experience together.

      At whatever stage you are in your mentoring involvement, through these strategies, illustrations and interactive exercises, you will find the means to make mentoring more impactful to you, your team and your organization.

      Meet a few of the characters who will walk you through the workbook journey (remember, the author hates boring business books!). There are “ForMentors” (those who do right by you and are a sterling model) and “TorMentors” (those with a few idiosyncrasies here and there). They guide you through the four-step MentorShift process throughout the workbook.

      Adam AchieveMentor

      Adam AchieveMentor

      Harry Hover Mentor

      Harry Hover Mentor

      Dayna DriveBy Mento

      Dayna DriveBy Mento

      Emma Enjoy Mentor

      Emma Enjoy Mentor

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      5 reviews for Mentorshift at Work

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        “Lori Bachman deconstructs mentoring myths and rebuilds so you can shape your future workforce. Her intelligent and down-to-earth style is a stunning reflection of her genuine passion for mentoring. This purposeful approach provides a process for both mentors and mentees that gives your company the inside track to engaging employees and transferring critical knowledge to a new generation of leaders.”

      2. :

        “Bachman is an accomplished author and mentor with a powerful message. While many are great writers, what sets her apart is the heart she has for people, and how that heart shows up on every page. She has invested her creativity into this book that will guide mentor and mentee, no matter their level in an organization, to a more forward-looking and winning relationship.”

      3. :

        “Finally,an excellent step-by-step how-to for something that is critical to the success of any individual and organization. Bachman takes mentoring to a whole new level by making it an adventure that any company would eagerly incorporate. MentorShift at Work is such a great complement to the other tools that Bachman offers. It’s a fun mentorship in and of itself!”

      4. :

        “Mentoring is a vital necessity in the U.S. if we are to help students in high-need schools stay in school and on track to graduate ready for college and career. Kudos to MentorShift at Work for being part of this effort.”

      5. :

        “With MentorShift at Work our developing leaders have an additional tool to strengthen and perpetuate mentoring relationships. The engaging stories give perspective. The pithy quotes prompt thinking. The practical techniques spark momentum. The entire project makes mentors and mentees cycle up to the next level of effectiveness.”

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      Lori Bachman created The MentorShift Group to equip mentors and mentees with a practical and powerful mentoring system. The system is designed to equip those who use it to, not only flourish in their own mentoring relationships, but to be able to transfer its success to others as well.