The “Mentor-Sponsor-Coach” — Should There Be Such a Person?

A frequent question in our workshops is “What’s the difference between a mentor and a coach, or even a sponsor for that matter?”

As mentors or mentees, you might be wondering how those roles should be divided and played out for yourselves. Recognizing that no person can be all things to all people, you’ll gain wisdom and inspiration as to which roles you will claim for yourself and which you would “delegate” to someone else. For the benefit of your mentee!

Participant Benefits:

  • Defines the roles/responsibilities/rewards of each role
  • Expresses the benefit to the mentee from each type of contribution
  • Learn how to expand your network of fellow mentor/coach/sponsors for the benefit of you and the organization

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    Lori Bachman created The MentorShift Group to equip mentors and mentees with a practical and powerful mentoring system. The system is designed to equip those who use it to, not only flourish in their own mentoring relationships, but to be able to transfer its success to others as well.