Your MentorShift® Program


“Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.”
– William Cowper”

Variety in mentoring relationships keeps them alive, active and compelling. That’s why we encourage many forms of mentoring…and we’ve done ALL types and timelines:

Mentoring programs come in all shapes, sizes, scope and durations.

We have worked with ALL types and timeframes!

  • Six to twelve-month mentoring pilots
  • Mentoring pairs
    • Already matched
    • Looking for or awaiting mentoring match
  • Mentors and mentees with an initial interest not yet committed
  • Women’s or Men’s group pairs

The MentorShift Group can assist you with whatever individuals you are seeking to develop.

Mentoring program

Mentoring pairs

  • A well-matched and coached mentor/mentee pair will make the difference between a successful mentoring program and an unsuccessful one.
  • Key advantage: One-to-one mentoring focuses specifically on mentee’s needs and end goals; helps the organization by encouraging retention
  • We help with all elements of pairing — selection, matching, initial training, kickoff, coaching, interim milestones, program closure.

Mentoring program

Mentoring circles

  • Mentoring circles, or “group mentoring” generally consists of 6-10 individuals who meet regularly with a mentor or two, in charge of the circle. Meetings usually occur once or twice a month for 60-90 minutes.
  • Key Advantage: Excellent format when number of mentees outnumber available mentors; mentees benefit from peer learning and support
  • We offer a broad range of support for mentoring circles — mentor and facilitator training, topic roadmap, group dynamics coaching

Mentoring program

Peer mentoring

  • There is a distinct advantage to mentoring and being mentored by individuals with roughly the same amount of experiences. Each person involved can be both teacher and student, and both individuals are empowered to shape the learning.
  • Key Advantage: Facing similar challenges with office politics, reporting lines, work tasks, possible shared friends/colleagues.
  • We offer coaching services to the peer mentoring pairs as well as discussion tools and materials.

Mentoring program

Reverse mentoring

  • Reverse mentoring encourages those newer to the workforce to share knowledge with older, more seasoned employees. It often involves the younger employee sharing technology, social media and current trends.
  • Key Advantage: Brings different employee generations closer together; empowers emerging leaders and strengthens established leaders
  • We offer coaching services to the reverse mentoring pairs as well as discussion tools and materials

Mentoring program

Virtual mentoring

  • Employees are geographically dispersed now more than ever. Whether working overseas or working from home, mentoring methods must rise to the challenge.
  • Key Advantage: Bridges the distance gap; leverages novel, user-friendly e-communication technologies so mentoring can happen.
  • We offer mentoring playbooks specifically designed to accommodate mentoring from “faraway places.”

You name it, and we can help you put together the process to make mentoring a continued success and part of your culture.

I often mention about programs, that you, like me, can probably remember several “programs of the past” that didn’t live past the calendar year. Though programs are necessary to keep us organized, the main underpinning of working with the MentorShift Group is the MentoShift® PROCESS we teach that keeps on giving and works whether a formal program exists or not.

So wherever you are in your program development, contact us. We can help!


Lori Bachman created The MentorShift Group to equip mentors and mentees with a practical and powerful mentoring system. The system is designed to equip those who use it to, not only flourish in their own mentoring relationships, but to be able to transfer its success to others as well.