Top 5 Tips for 2015 – How to Find the Right Mentor for YOU

How to Find the Right Mentor

By now, you’ve lost that pesky five holiday pounds, made it to the gym a respectable number of times and started learning a new language. Comment allez-vous? Let’s hear it for resolutions!

Now what else is on your list to really kick-start this New Year? I hope it’s finding the RIGHT mentor for YOU. Your other resolutions might fall by the wayside (may it never be!) but this project has staying power for 2015 and beyond.

Here are my TOP FIVE TIPS on How to Find the Right Mentor For You in the coming year:

  1. Bone up
    Before you approach a potential mentor, learn about them. What makes them strong as a mentor and leader? Who have they mentored well previously? Speak to one of their mentees to learn about their experience. A mentor will be impressed that you have done your due diligence on where they shine.
  2. Speak up
    Do the “The Big Ask.” When you approach a potential mentor, you might say, “I can’t imagine how busy you must be with all that you do. I’m wondering if you would do me the great favor of having a cup of coffee with me. I’d like to hear about your journey and learn how a successful person like you has traveled this road. You have my word I won’t take more than 45 minutes of your time.” You’ve acknowledged the favor and respected their demanding schedule.
  3. Set up
    If they agree to meet, arrange the “The MentorView.” What is that? Mentor + Interview = MentorView! Come prepared to articulate a few key points: what specifically you can use help with, suggestion as to frequency of meeting times, your desire to learn from them and grow, ways you might help them. Keep to the time you promised. Use this time to see if it is “the right fit” for both of you.
  4. Follow up
    After the MentorView, follow up with either a “Thank you for your time” note if you’ve decided not to go forward or arrange your next get together if you will continue on. Good mentors are extremely busy so you can take the load off them by keeping the momentum in your corner.
  5. Link up
    Come to your next meeting with a list of topics you’d like to discuss over the course of the relationship; offer suggested activities where you might accompany them. Mentors enjoy “with-mentees” where they can couple already planned events with their mentee’s coming alongside.

Here’s a toast to a prosperous 2015 mentoring relationship for you!


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