3 Essential Tips to Make Mentoring Easy


Stop one thing. (Dry office meetings) 

Start another. (“Come With Me” mentoring)

What do you think is the #1 reason people give for not being in a mentoring relationship?

If you said, “I’m too busy.” you are spot on. With work deadlines, home commitments, kids’ extracurricular events, community sign-ups, how can you find the time?

Here’s one thing to Stop Doing and one thing to Start Doing to make mentoring easy for you, save you time, and make it feel like a desirable investment, not a “have to do.”


Thinking of mentoring as an add-on to your schedule, “just another meeting” you have to squeeze into your already crazy day. Stop planning meetings with your mentee under the florescent office lights during work hours, because then you have to carve out special time.

Mentoring doesn’t have to be a formal “sit around the office table and talk” kind of set up that takes you away from the work of the day.


Inviting your mentee to go WITH you to meetings, events, or just for a walk around the building at lunchtime. Start asking your mentor to go with them to their presentation, seminar, or staff meeting. Then you use ALL your senses to observe and take in what the mentor has to offer, and your mentor was planning to go anyway, so no extra time needs to be budgeted.

Here are three essential tips on how to start “WITH” mentoring —

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