How to Overcome the “Too Structured” Mentoring Meeting

What to Do When Your Mentor Isn’t Flexible

A Look at the Rigid Mentoring Meeting

The clock strikes 2:30 p.m., second Tuesday of the month, your mentor’s office. She sits across the table from you, cup of coffee settled neatly on the coaster, and begins with the anticipated, “What would you like to talk about today?” followed by, “Did you get a chance to read the article we planned to discuss?” You’d be okay with this if it wasn’t the same

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3 Essential Tips to Make Mentoring Easy


What do you think is the #1 reason people give for not being in a mentoring relationship?

If you said, “I’m too busy.” you are spot on. With work deadlines, home commitments, kids’ extracurricular events, community sign-ups, how can you find the time?

Here’s one thing to Stop Doing and one thing to Start Doing to make mentoring easy for you, save you time, and make it feel like a desirable investment, not a “have to do.”

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Does Your Employee Engagement Need a Lifeline?

Employee Engagement

3 Mentoring Guide Rails to Keep Them From Jumping Ship

The swelling statistics are in and they are churning up the corporate seas. Employees are jumping ship right and left in pursuit of clearer, fresher waters. Here are a few stats to shed light on what is likely happening in your end of the pool.

Gallup employee retention survey: 68% of employees in the U.S. are DISENGAGED — meaning they are not involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. They’re idly dogpaddling through…

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Lori Bachman created The MentorShift Group to equip mentors and mentees with a practical and powerful mentoring system. The system is designed to equip those who use it to, not only flourish in their own mentoring relationships, but to be able to transfer its success to others as well.